DJ URAL was born in Athens, Greece on November 18th, 1995.
At the age of two he returned home with his family to Xanthi, Greece.
In September 1999 he emigrated with his family to Germany, to Lüdenscheid, where he still lives today.

At a young age, DJ URAL lovingly started with music. He grew up with mixed music culture and has both Turkish & Greek culture as well as German culture.
Of course, the hip hop culture of the 90s 2000s could not be missing in his music CV.

At the end of 2009 he got a Turkish string instrument called „Bağlama“ and he started to learn it.
Then the Greek side instrument „bouzouki“ was added to his portfolio.
Thanks to his wife, he also learned to play the guitar.

Being on stage and sharing his music with other people was his biggest dream.
This dream could only come true with DJing.
After his first gig everything went up very quickly and a DJ was born.
And a dream came true!

At the very beginning, DJ URAL started small just like everyone else.
Due to the many years of experience he has gained, he has had a very large number of listeners.
DJ URAL set a record in his home country, Greece.
3500 guests attended his gig.

Since 2018 until today he has been working with the Turkish superstar Ismail YK and they are on tour throughout Europe.

In addition to the music, DJ URAL tries to film a part of his life and give you an impression of his experiences and feelings.
He started YouTube in October 2022.
At the beginning of 2023, he created content by inviting and chatting with famous people.
Mini Late Night Show by DJ URAL.






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